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Supersessions: Bridging Academia and Industry Brilliance

Introducing Supersessions – where insights meet experience. Our PGDM journey goes beyond textbooks, with industry icons like Deepa Krishnan (Starbucks), Raashi Sharma (Digitalks), and Dhairya Gangwani (Career Coach) sharing their triumphs.

From digital realms to corporate corridors, these sessions offer an inside look into real-world dynamics. Directly engage with experts, clarifying doubts and gaining firsthand wisdom.

Dive into Brand Strategy, Interpersonal Skills, Audience Targeting, and more – vital aspects of digital marketing. These sessions fuel not just knowledge, but actionable insights.

Unlock the digital universe’s mysteries, gaining skills that elevate your corporate presence. Let Supersessions weave your academic path into industry excellence.

Welcome to Supersessions – where learning transforms into real-world success.

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