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36 Hour Startup Challenge

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The 36-hour startup challenge is a one of a kind convention that brought together 40 aspirants from all fields of life, bagging with them a unique startup idea each.

The event started with a round of pitches, with all participants explaining their idea within a minute long elevator pitch slot. This was followed by a round of voting where every participant gives their vote of confidence to a startup idea they liked. Leading to the top 10 ideas to be shortlisted for contention.

These 10 shortlisted candidates then got to choose their own team of 4 from the remaining participants and work on validating their startup idea for the next day’s jury. In the process, they were trained for building their own mobile app and website prototype, the art of pitching and on building their business model on the first day.

The second day involved training from mentors Karan Shah, Tejas Jhaveri and Shrenik Gandhi, preparing the teams for a final 7-minute SharkTank like business presentation!

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