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Updated on: Jan 3, 2023
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In our previous post, we learned about the marketing strategy of Sumitomo Chemicals. We shall examine the marketing strategy of Deepak Nitrite in this article.

This blog’s goal is to introduce you to Deepak Nitrite through insights. Companies currently get clients through digital marketing. The marketing industry has moved online with users from all around the world.

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We will examine the marketing strategy of Deepak Nitrite, STP’s marketing campaign, social media marketing tactics, and SEO techniques in this case study.

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About Deepak Nitrite – 

marketing strategy of deepak nitrite - deepak nitrite logoSource – Deepak Nitrite

Deepak Nitrite Ltd. is a chemical manufacturing company in Gujarat, India. Gujarat’s Nandesari and Dahej, Maharashtra’s Roha and Taloja, and Telangana’s Hyderabad are where the company has production plants. A variety of chemicals are produced by Deepak Nitrite, including agrochemicals, colourants, rubber, pharmaceutical, speciality and fine chemicals.

Chimanlal Khimchand Mehta, the company’s founder and Deepak Mehta’s father, was a known chemical trader in the Gujarati Jain society. The business was established in March 1970. 

Incorporation of Deepak Nitrate Limited founded in the year 1970, Listed on BSE with landmark over-subscription founded in the year 1971, Commissioned Sodium Nitrate & Nitrate Plant at Vadodara, Gujarat founded in the year 1972, Acquisition of Sahyadri Dyestuffs & Chemicals unit from Mafatlal Industries founded in the year 1984.

The top intermediates manufacturer in the Indian chemical sector since 1972 is Deepak Nitrite. With a portfolio of more than 100 goods of top-notch international quality, serve 56 applications and many sectors.

Deepak Mehta is the chairman of the company, his son Maulik Mehta is the chief executive officer and Ajay C. Mehta is the Managing Director. Deepak Nitrite subsidiaries are Deepak Phenolics.

Quick Stats –

CEO Maulik D. Mehta
Area Served World Wide
Industry Chemical Industry
Market Revenue Rs. 4,229 Crore (2020)
Vision To Become The Fastest Growing Indian Chemical Intermediates Company
Tagline Responsible Chemistry


Marketing Strategy of Deepak Nitrite –

Now we have enough information about the company, let’s begin the marketing strategy of Deepak Nitrite by defining its STP Analysis.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Market segmentation is the procedure Deepak Nitrite Ltd uses to divide the whole market into smaller segments and groups with comparable characteristics, purchasing patterns, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc. This is done to contact the target audience more successfully and efficiently.

Deepak Nitrite segments its products into a wide range of chemicals, including agrochemicals, colourants, rubber, pharmaceuticals, speciality and fine chemicals.

Several essential aspects determine the target market to be chosen:1)The segment’s structural attraction – The presence of the essential infrastructure needed to sell to the intended audience.2)Entry difficulties due to regulations and other factors – Will Deepak Nitrite Ltd encounter any regulatory or technological obstacles if it chooses to enter the market 3)Organizational technical skills in the Chemical Manufacturing industries to serve a particular customer segment.4)Organizational competitive weaknesses and strengths to successfully sell to the target market.

Deepak Nitrite Ltd. must place its product in the customer’s mind in a way that generates a distinct image and offers a unique identification/reference point for the product and services. 

Deepak Nitrite is positioned as a producer of chemical intermediates in order to supply the domestic and worldwide markets with products of the highest quality that are produced ethically and sustainably.

Marketing Campaigns

marketing strategy of deepak nitrite - marketing campaign

Campaigns they have conducted on any media channel- Newspaper, Social media, Advertising.   

Deepak Nitrite does not use any marketing campaigns to increase its awareness and promote the brand. They should try and opt for digital marketing campaigns as well, as the market is turning digital and customers tend to see the brand and become more aware of it if it has a good digital presence. Marketing campaigns help in many ways for brands to survive in the competitive market and retrieve customers irrespective of the type of industry.

Social Media Marketing

The company is found on the below social media account:

  • LinkedIn – 39,152 Followers 
  • Twitter – 2,249 Followers

The company is not active on both social media accounts. They post information about new product launches, promotions, Informative etc.

SEO Strategies

marketing strategy of deepak nitrite - ubersuggest seo screenshot

Source – UberSuggest

According to SEO rankings, having fewer than 500 keywords is terrible, having more than 1000 is excellent, and having more than 10,000 is outstanding. Deepak Nitrite gets 2032 organic keywords, which is good as we can see. This indicates that Deepak Nitrite’s digital marketing is getting a lot of insights. The traffic is believed to be good at 15K+ each month. To maintain the brand’s ascent in the Google organic SERP results, Deepak Nitrite must make a few tweaks to its SEO methods.

Influencer Marketing

Deepak Nitrite did not do any influencer marketing. To expand its foreign operations, the company has already partnered with certain Multinational companies and is in discussions with more ones.

E-commerce Strategies

Deepak does not have an online portal through which they can sell their products online.

Mobile Apps

Deepak Nitrite has no mobile application. They only run the business through a website and direct selling

Content Marketing Strategies

As seen above Deepak Nitrite is not much active on its social media platforms but as for content marketing, they publish some blogs on its website which helps the audience to know more about the company. Having a good content marketing strategy is very vital as well. Good and real content about the company helps the audience to understand them and built trust and awareness as a company.

Now let’s conclude the marketing strategy of Deepak Nitrite with the facts that we saw in the strategy discussed above.

Digital Marketing Academic Challenge 2024 - DMAC

What’s Unique in the Marketing Strategy of Deepak Nitrite?

Deepak Nitrite is not very active with its marketing strategy. They are not using any kind of marketing tactics as a whole to promote the brand. 

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We hope that this blog post about the marketing strategy of Deepak Nitrite has provided you with valuable insight into the company’s marketing tactics.

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