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Updated on: Sep 22, 2022
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Searching for Digital Marketing Strategy In Abu Dhabi? Then here you are, in this blog digital marketing strategy in Abu Dhabi is explained in detailed yet simple words. So without wasting any time let’s start.

But first of all, if you are a beginner in Digital Marketing then the Free Digital Marketing Masterclass will help you to get a clear understanding of it. Now coming to the blog i.e Digital Marketing Strategy In Abu Dhabi.

First, let’s understand what digital marketing strategy means. Digital marketing strategy means a plan of action that you set to convert people into your customers and to meet your defined business objectives/goals. Now as this is digital marketing you execute this planned strategy via online channels.

What Does a Digital Marketing Strategy Look Like?

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As we all know that world is turning digital. Everyone is connected to the world via online channels. So it becomes essential for businesses to be present on every channel their customers might be. Being present and optimising the following media is very important to stay connected and be in minds of your customers. Online media are: Owned media, paid media, and earned media. 

Owned media – Owned media means the online channels or mediums owned by your company where you can advertise your product to your audience. i.e websites, and social media platforms.

Paid media – Paid media means when you promote your brand on other’s online platforms or channels by paying them in money or kind. 

Earned media – Media that you earned by your performance in the market is called earned media. i.e being mentioned by journalists on their pages or other media channels.

How Can I Devise an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy? 

1. SWOT analysis

Conducting a SWOT analysis is the first step in making planning a digital marketing strategy. You should be aware of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to make an impactful marketing strategy. 

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Strengths – You should be aware of what your strengths and USP / X-factor is. make sure you highlight your strengths while promoting your business to create a good impact and image of your brand in minds of your target audience.

Weaknesses – Being able to identify your weaknesses before a competitor uses if against you is very important. Try to improve your weaknesses or if there is something you cannot work on then compensate your audience with other strong points so that customers are not bothered by that.

Opportunities – Now opportunities can be taken as the weak points of your competitors. Identifying your competitor’s weakness is as important as yours. Changing their weakness into opportunities helps them to come to a level above their competitors. So make your digital marketing analysis according to that.

Threats – As a competitor’s weakness becomes your opportunity their strengths become your threats. So recognise and be ready with such marketing strategies that help you to survive in the market.

 2.  Having SMART business goals

Now, what does having SMART goals means: 

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Specific – be specific with your goals before making any other strategies. Your employees and customer should be able to understand it. make it specific so that is clear about what you wish to do.

Measurable –  set measurable goals so you can compare them and know if you are making any progress or not. You need to make it measurable so you can understand if you have achieved it. 

Achievable – set such goals that you can achieve. Achievable means setting such targets or goals that you can accomplish with the current resources and skills available. You should not make such goals that are not achievable in the current situation of your organisation.

Realistic/ Relevant –  Setting unrealistic goals is one mistake you should not make. You need to set realistic goals that are possible to achieve. You cannot set any imaginary goals that are not realistic and not possible for you and your team to achieve. Your goals should be realistic as well as relevant to your business.

Timebound – Segregate your short-term and long-term goals. You should need to know which goals are urgent for you to achieve and which you can do in long run and set time limits accordingly. So you and your team have a clear idea about what to prioritise.

 3.  Opt for market segmentation

Instead of targeting your audience at once together try and segregate them into different segments. You can segment your market with respect to their needs, demographical factors, geographical factors, etc. In this way, you can cater for your whole customer base without missing anything and satisfy them all with your brand.

4. Create buyer personas

Buyer persona means creating an imaginary description of your ideal audience. This description is created by doing a lot of market research about all the things related to your target audience. This helps you in creating an effective digital marketing strategy to attract your audience.

 5. Pinpoint budget constraints

Having budget constraints matters in every kind of organisation. Budget & cash flows are the deciding factors in your strategy. The budget decides which channels you can afford or on which channels you should spend more. Deciding on a proper budget limit is very important so that you don’t face losses.

Why do you need a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is very important to run a business online. Digital marketing is a very wide umbrella term under that there are many terms. Some might be useful for your business some might not. You need to understand via which online channels you need to promote your business to your customer base.

Here’s where digital marketing strategy comes into the picture. Having a digital marketing strategy makes a path for you to follow. Otherwise, there is a high chance you will be distracted and exceed your budget limit. 

To create a digital marketing strategy in Abu Dhabi you can use the latest online channels to connect with your audience as UAE is a developed country. You should make a digital marketing strategy depending on the location of the customer base you serve.

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Several Digital Marketing Tactics :

Some of the common examples of digital marketing tactics are as follows:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Seo helps in advertising your business to your audience via google that too for free i.e organically. You just need to optimise your website according to the needs of your customer and make it google friendly for google to rank it.

2. Social Media Marketing 

We all are aware of the growth in the use of social media around the globe. Social media helps to attract all customers irrespective of their location. Posting content that meets the need of your customer base is the best way to convert people into customers and grow your business on social media.

3. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is also known as digital advertising or google ads. SEM means you pay google as per bid to get a slot on google SERP to place your ad and attract customers. In this, you are charged on the base of impressions on your ad.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is done after lead generation to convert their leads into customers. In this, you connect to your customer base via emails.

5. Pay per Click (PPC)

PPC means you promote your business on other relevant websites. But in this, you are charged only when someone clicks on your ad.

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Q. What is the scope of digital marketing in the UAE?

A. As UAE is the largest market for internet marketing, it increases job opportunities for skilled digital marketers. Because of this, there is a huge scope for digital marketing growth in the UAE.

Q. How do you market a brand in UAE?

A. To market your brand in UAE:

1. Create an effective marketing strategy

2. Create your website

3. Use different tactics relevant to your business

4. Analyse your performance

Q. How can I do digital marketing in Dubai?

A. To start, learn and understand digital marketing, upskill yourself, and gain experience by working at agencies then you can always opt for freelancing in digital marketing.

Q. How much do UAE digital marketers earn?

A. A digital marketing manager earns AED 12,000 Per month on average. Salary changes depending on your experience.


As you saw in the blog i.e Digital marketing strategy in Abu Dhabi that there are many factors that you need to consider before making an effective marketing strategy that is suitable for your business. 

One more thing that you need to look after is digital marketing is a field that keeps on changing as there are updates in the algorithms of online channels. So you should change your digital marketing strategy when needed. 

If you want to learn digital marketing be it as a student, working professional or anyone you can learn it online as you wish by opting for 11- months digital marketing program or a 4-months digital marketing program anything according to your convenience. 

Thank you for taking out time and reading the blog. Hope this blog helped in some way. If you have any doubts about digital marketing or suggestions regarding blogs then let us know in the communication section below. We would try an take them into consideration. 

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