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If you had the chance to have a 10min catch-up with the founder of Snapchat - Evan Spiegel, what would you discuss with him?
Someone hacked Burger King's Twitter account and changed its photo to the McDonald's logo and name "McDonalds."
If you were the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of Burger King, what next steps would you take?
Name a brand you closely follow on Facebook/ Instagram and whose content you find interesting/useful. Give 3 pointers on what the brand has done well to keep you hooked on to its content.
Today there is a digital solution for almost every human requirement. From making a dinner reservation to booking a cab or ordering a gift online, each requirement is being serviced. Can you think of a utility app that solves a unique kind of everyday problem? Go ahead be creative and explain your idea.
Traditionally a shopping website has noticed that out of every 1000 times their ad is shown on Facebook/ Instagram, 100 people click it to go to their website and 2 land up purchasing from the site. Given this information, if the website wishes to get 500 sales, how many times would their ad need to show up on Facebook/ Instagram. has noticed that out of every 100 people who reach their site, 47% exit / leave the site from the homepage itself. Which means that they never progressed to explore the range of products the site has to offer. Team is on the look out for recommendations to reduce the number of people dropping off from their homepage. Can you help them?