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How do you think Demonetization has changed the digital arena in India? Give two examples to support your answer. 

As a Google user, in your opinion, what is the driving force behind Google's #lookbeforeyouleave campaign?

What is the biggest flaw in the current Indian Education System? What according to you is the correct way to overcome it?

How effective do you think Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Campaign of a 'Digital India' is? Do you have any recommendations to make it more successful?

What are disruptive technologies? Do you think they have a bright future in a country like India?

Today there is a digital solution for almost every human requirement. From making a dinner reservation to booking a cab or ordering a gift online, each requirement is being serviced. Can you think of a utility app that solves a unique kind of everyday problem? Go ahead be creative and explain your idea.

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Attempt 3 out of the 6 questions