Welcome to your Post Test for Mahindra RSM Session 2

Email Phone Number
Name the tag often used by PR sites and Bloggers to not share their Google crawl time with other sites

Which of these tools needs a payment method synced to get access to keywords

Which of these keywords would you prefer while running an SEM (Paid Search) campaign?

By being present on Google My Business which of the following can be achieved

When running an SEO campaign, which type of keyword is generally easier to rank for in a short duration

Ideally how many H1 tags should be present on a single page?

True or False. Each page on your website should aim to rank for one unique keyword theme
True or False. 55% of users could be spending less than 15 seconds on your website
Which of these is NOT a best practice for a landing page being used for a paid campaign
If you hyperlink the word ‘Best Luxury SUV’ to the ‘Mahindra TUV’ page, what is ‘Best Luxury SUV’ called?