Social Media 101

Name Email Phone Number
What are the reasons for shift to digital by various companies?
Social media audiences differ from those of traditional media because
You are writing a message on twitter, what is the maximum number of characters you can use?
Why is digital communication important to brands?
What is the need for Online Reputation Management?
Businesses that have a one or two-star rating on social media fail to convert about ____ of prospective customers.
What is the name for Facebook's ranking algorithm?
What is the name of Twitter’s ranking algorithm?
Which of the following is not considered in Facebook Engagement Metric?
What is the dimension of Facebook profile picture?
Where can you see statistics of your post on Facebook?
Cover photos are crucial to establishing respectable company pages

Page Moderation allows you to block inappropriate words?

Which of the following is most likely to get more attention and engagement?
What is the minimum budget required to run a brand awareness campaign on Facebook?
What is the Golden Rule of Posting?
What are the steps for effective ORM?
What is the full form of CCC in regards to Online Reputation Management?
Facebook Messenger is a free CRM tool?
You can choose a preferred audience while uploading a post on Facebook page?