Social Media 101

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Social media audiences differ from those of traditional media because:
You are writing a message on twitter, what is the maximum number of characters you can use?
You are the administrator of a Facebook group, what is the maximum number of members you can have in your group if you want to send a single message that is received by all group members.
How many active users on Facebook in India?
What is the need for Online Reputation Management?
Opinion mining is one of the elements of Online Reputation Management
Businesses that have a one or two-star rating on social media fail to convert about ____ of prospective customers.
What feature does LinkedIn offer for premium accounts?
What is the name for Facebook's ranking algorithm?
Which of the following is not considered in Facebook Engagement Metric?
What is a Call to Action?
Mobile users can see a sponsored story in their news feed
Where can you see statistics of your post on Facebook?
Cover photos are crucial to establishing respectable company pages
Which of the following is most likely to get more attention and engagement?