Producer and Associate Team Lead

Job Profile

The candidate must be residing in Mumbai.The requirement of this designation is at our Andheri Campus.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Helps optimize day to day operations for production
  • Read, research and assess ideas and finalize scripts
  • Work closely with copywriters & content heads to assess ideas
  • Create Storyboards and pre-production docket for approvals
  • Control the production’s budget and allocate resources
  • Supervise the progress of the project from production through to post-production and ensuring timely delivery
  • Deliver the finished production on time
  • Resolve any production requirement on project basis
  • Consistently track and showcase relevant inspiring work to motivate and inspire creative production teams
  • Should be able to drive scalability and repeatability by building standard operating processes (SOPs), style guides, pre-sets and templates for video imaging or other creative processes
  • Keep track of feedback, revisions and project communications, while working to reduce turnaround time.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Media, Video Production, Animation or equivalent experience
  • 2 years’ experience in Creative management
  • Understanding of the video production process, equipment, technology and roles
  • Self-starter with strong organizational skills
  • Self-disciplined, diligent, detail oriented and accurate
  • Experience working in a metrics/productivity-based environment
  • Strong project management and organizational skills with the ability to lead, supervise and execute video projects from concept through delivery
  • Demonstrate positive, results oriented attitude open to feedback