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A Social Media Essay on its Destructive and Disruptive Effects

There has been a lot of discussion on the destructive and disruptive effects that social media can have on our lives. This Social Media essay will finally shed some light on the crux of this matter. Why do we use social media? It’s perhaps because our usage is an...

9 Easy Ways To Find Keywords For Your Business

Any business that has a website and runs operations online needs business-specific keywords to grow and succeed. The importance of using keywords for business is growing day by day as keywords help in improving the SEO of a business and really skyrocket the sales....

How These Digi-Moms Are Owning The Internet

How great are moms? From managing the house to managing work, families, friends, and their own lives, we can only awe at how they juggle it all. Just how everything Midas touched became gold, everything moms touch becomes awesome! They give their everything to a job...

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