Masterclass Overview

LinkedIn has changed the way professionals of all fields communicate and network with each other. Every company, brand and professional needs a LinkedIn profile to be able to stay relevant. This makes learning LinkedIn a must for professionals, business owners and students.

Not many people are aware of the potential of LinkedIn marketing and learning LinkedIn will give you an advantage over your competition. This Masterclass will help you learn how to effectively use LinkedIn, and is relevant for all business owners, professionals and students.

This Masterclass holds valuable lessons for everyone. For professionals, this Masterclass will help learn how to attract future employers to your profile and find the best job for you. Whereas business owners can search for their future talent and build brand image. A student can gain exposure and avail themselves internship opportunities with the help of this platform. Learning LinkedIn is a wise choice for anyone.

You will learn the fundamentals of Linkedin- How to make an all-star profile, how LinkedIn works, how to network, what kind of content you should post, when you should post it and much more. Then we will tackle advanced concepts like content strategies to have in place if you wish to see results.

This Masterclass will cover all these topics and teach you to make the best out of your content strategy and boost your sales through LinkedIn marketing.

Learn important concepts

Know how to make the most out of LinkedIn and make your profile stand out

30 Minutes

Make sure you have approximately 30 minutes to attend the entire session.

Watch Anytime

Watch the masterclass instantly or send it to your email to watch later.

What You Will Learn

This Masterclass has something to offer for everyone. If you are a professional, business owner or even a student, this platform shall help you unlock your career path forward and help you attain your professional goals. Here is a detailed breakdown of what you shall learn in this Masterclass:

What is LinkedIn and how to use it?

Understand What is LinkedIn, why it is trending as the next social media marketing platform. Learn how it functions and all the various aspects of the platform, ranging from what is an account, your newsfeed, search option and much more.


Making an account on LinkedIn

Learn how you can make an account on LinkedIn. The first impression is a lasting one, so learn about the different components in a LinkedIn profile and how to make the best out of your account.


Making an Allstar LinkedIn profile

Learn how to beautify and make your LinkedIn profile professional and attractive. Your chances of getting noticed by companies and employers on LinkedIn increases multifold when you have a complete account. Know how to make how to get your profile to rank as an all-star profile and get 70% higher profile visitors.


Using LinkedIn effectively

LinkedIn works slightly differently than other websites and hence you will need to learn how the 1st, 2nd and 3rd connection system works, how to start building your network and how to expand your reach. Reach out to people in your industry and start creating your professional network.


Learn how to get a job through LinkedIn

Most companies have their HR professionals who have LinkedIn profiles and frequently employ recruitment drives through LinkedIn. They see your profile and check your experience, and even connect with you on their own if you fit their requirements. Learn how to apply online through LinkedIn, how to connect to the right HR professionals and always make a lasting impression on your clients.


Posting on LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn is a professional network, a different type of content is published and gets attention on LinkedIn. You will learn how to post on LinkedIn and the type of content you can share with your professional network. Learn all the various formats you can post in and how to choose the right format for your posts.


Effective timings for posting on LinkedIn

For every social media platform, there are peak timings that you can exploit to gain the most attention for you and your business. Learn how to make the best out of the timings you post on LinkedIn.


Learn Audience Targeting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a massive user base and they give an array of options on how to target audiences. You can find nearly anyone on LinkedIn if you know how to use the search dashboard. Learn how to use filtering options to choose your audience for your exact business needs.


Content strategy for LinkedIn

After knowing the audience you shall target, you will need to learn how to make the right content for them and to get the best engagement for your profile. Learn how to strategize your content activities and streamline your workload.


Posting Frequency on LinkedIn

Every platform has a different algorithm and digital marketers have to learn through trial and error how many posts are the most effective. Luckily for you, we shall teach how many times should you post in a day and maximise your ROI.


Understanding LinkedIn Algorithm

Gain a deep understanding of the functioning of LinkedIn’s working and how the algorithm functions to connect you to the most relevant professional in your network and how you can grow your connections.


LinkedIn Analytics Basics

For every activity a business takes, it should be analysed and understood. With the release of LinkedIn analytics, businesses can track their performances and make enhanced decisions for their strategy and always be on the right track. LinkedIn provides users with analytics tools. Learn how to gain deep insights into how your posts work, how many people come to your profile and much more.


LinkedIn Marketing

After learning so many aspects, you need to know how to synergise them together. After you understand all the aspects of LinkedIn and content marketing strategies for it, you will learn how to combine them all in a comprehensive digital marketing plan to boost your engagement and conversion rate.

Who should enroll for the Masterclass?



For students who wish to take an early step in their career, get noticed by their dream companies and get internships- this masterclass will be perfect for you.


Startup Founders

If you are a start-up founder or a business owner and wish to find the best talent out there to help you take your business to the highest peaks, knowing how to leverage the power of LinkedIn is a must for you.

Working Professionals

If you are a professional looking to grab attention from employers, a freelancer looking for projects and clients or even an HR professional looking to expand your business and hire candidates, this Masterclass is for you.

About the instructor

Highest Paying Careers in India Masterclass Instructor - Jeni Asher

Jeni is a Digital Marketing Professional and Corporate communications expert.
With a diverse academic background in subjects like Organisational Behaviour, International Marketing, and Entrepreneurship Management, her understanding of the current business world is cutting edge. Her massive experience encompasses training 2000+ students and teachers in multiple fields of digital marketing. She has tremendous experience in grassroots digital marketing across multiple channels. Her array of experience ranges from working in communications, sales and digital marketing across multiple companies.

  • Project Manager, Schbang
  • Has worked as a Digital Marketing Specialist, at IIDE
  • Has worked as a Cards Inbound Executive, at CitiBank

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What Our Learners Say about the Session

Changed my way of looking at LinkedIn and how I can maximise my time there to get the employers to notice me and get a call back for interviews always.

Ridhima Sharma

This is my second session with IIDE and I can’t get over how power-packed and informational each class is. Each concept is simplified and so easy to understand.

Manoj Patel

I loved this session on LinkedIn content strategy and analytics. I always wanted to incorporate a content strategy for this platform, and this Masterclass made it so easy for me to do so. It was simply mind-blowing.

Jerin Mathew

This session with Jeni was fabulous. She explains every concept with ease and crystal clarity. Her session on LinkedIn marketing has given tremendous insight into the working of the platform.

Ananya Priyadarshani

I always thought LinkedIn is for professionals only, but Jeni has changed my view. After the session, I have been making the best of LinkedIn as a student.

Revardo Bhumang

As a professional, I learn from IIDE often to update myself with the latest industry knowledge. This session was no exception, it was full of amazing learnings and unique takeaways.

Kriti Aurora

Start growing your Professional Network with LinkedIn

Frequently Asked Questions

Can beginners also join LinkedIn Masterclass?
This Masterclass is great for beginners as Jeni will take you from the very basics of LinkedIn to the advanced concepts. This course will help you get a grip on the fundamental level for your ease of learning.
Will the Masterclass help me become successful on LinkedIn?

This Masterclass teaches you everything you need to know on how to use LinkedIn to become successful. Success can mean a lot of things, and this course will help you succeed in- making a social media presence for your brand, network as a professional, seek and get job interviews, get internships as students and much more.

Will I be able to use LinkedIn effectively after the course?
You will be taught all concepts needed to use and operate LinkedIn effectively by the end of the course. You will be taught from the ground up, from profile creation to content strategies you can employ and get noticed on LinkedIn by the right people.
Will the Masterclass help me promote myself on LinkedIn?
All the learnings you receive in this course will help you promote yourself on LinkedIn. You will be taught how to post, when to post and how many times to post on LinkedIn, making an attractive All-Star profile, how to analyse how your posts perform etc. all these aspects will help you market and promote yourself successfully.
What is the course duration?
The course duration for this Masterclass is only 30 minutes long. You can start watching it whenever you have time to spare without the hassle of downloading or confusing procedure. Just sign up right now and begin watching!
When does the Masterclass begin?
This Masterclass begins whenever you wish to! This is a self-paced video is power-packed and concise which is great for learning on the go. If you wish to begin right now, you just have to enroll for the Masterclass, and you can begin learning at your own pace.
Is LinkedIn Masterclass useful for students?
As a student, you can make great use of LinkedIn. Get in touch with the professionals from your dream company or industry and make an impression. Get yourself internship opportunities and gain experience to gear your resume for the best jobs.
Is this LinkedIn Masterclass appropriate for professionals?
Professionals need to be on LinkedIn. This platform is essential for you, from broadcasting your work, to meeting potential employers and for making the best of job opportunities posted on LinkedIn. This course will help you accomplish all of these things and provides a great benefit for you and your career.
Does this LinkedIn Masterclass benefit business owners?
Business owners need to find the best talent to grow their business and LinkedIn is a great place to find such talent. Learn in this Masterclass how you can tap into a pool of qualified professionals to help you run your organisation and achieve your business goals.