Masterclass Overview

In this digital era, it is crucial for organisations and brands to have an active social media presence to survive.

Today more than 800 million users are active each month on Instagram, over 60 million photos are posted daily, and 1.6 billion “likes” are given every day. There are also a large number of influencers with a massive amount of followers on the platform.

With the right Instagram Marketing Strategy, you can tap into all of this and become a very influential brand yourself.

Those of you who already have an account set up are on the right track. However, just having an Instagram profile doesn’t necessarily translate to sales. If you want to drive sales and make real money from Instagram, you need to come up with a viable Instagram Marketing strategy. And this is what this Masterclass will help you with.

Learn important concepts

Know the important concepts of Instagram Marketing and how they can benefit you.

30 Minutes

Make sure you have approximately 30 minutes to attend the entire session.

Watch Anytime

Watch the Masterclass instantly or send it to your email to watch later.

What You Will Learn

This session will tell you all the basics you need to know about Instagram Marketing and why it is so important for every business in the world today.


Instagram essentials

Understand what Instagram is and how it works to ensure that your business can connect, interact and promote itself to millions of users across the globe.


Instagram Business Account

Get to know what is an Instagram Business account and how it is different from a personal account.


Features of Business Account

Get to know what features an Instagram Business Account offers and what all you can do with them.



Understand how you can segregate messages into different inboxes to keep a track of important conversations for your business.


Display picture tips

Know what kind of Display Picture to use for your Instagram profile to ensure that it is noticed by your target audience.


Username Tips

Know how to frame your Instagram Username so that it is easily searchable by people who are interested in the niche you are catering to or the products and services you are offering.


Instagram Description Tips

Understand how to write an effective description for your Instagram profile that gives all the relevant details about your brand to people who visit your profile.


Instagram Highlights

Get introduced to Instagram Highlights. Learn why they are important and what you can use them for.


Using Link in bio

Learn how you can use the Link in bio to redirect the profile visitors to your product landing page. Understand how you can increase traffic to your website.


Using Multiple Links

If you have more than one product or service to sell, you ideally want to put multiple links for users to click on. Learn how you can use tools like LinkTree and some other ways in which you can give users more than one link when they visit your Instagram profile.


Identifying your niche

Learn how you can identify your niche for Instagram Marketing and how you can play around within that to get maximum user engagement.


Understanding User Needs

It is essential to understand what kind of content your target audience likes. Know how you can understand your User Needs on the platform and what kind of content they will respond to.


Analysing User Demographic

Learn how to get User Demographics and why it is important to analyse them for Instagram Marketing. Understand what use you can put these insights to.



Understand what value graphics are and how they are different from demographics. Know how you can use this knowledge to create a successful Instagram Marketing strategy.


Users generated content v/s your content

Get an understanding of what kind of content you want to use for Instagram Marketing. Whether it is content that you create yourself or the content created by other users, knowing what content will work for you helps a lot.


How to promote products

Learn how to have an Instagram Marketing strategy to promote your products without paying Instagram. Understand the basics of organic Social Media Marketing.


How to check out successful brands

Learn how to make an audit of the Instagram Pages of successful brands and what things you should observe and adopt for your own Instagram Marketing strategy.


What is native content

Learn what is platform-native content. Know how you can make the best use of it to enhance your Instagram Marketing S


How to capture attention at first glance

Learn what kind of content you should use to capture user attention and make them engage with your post before they scroll on.


Difference between Youtube and Instagram

The kind of content would you use on Instagram would be very different from something that you would use on youtube or other social media platforms. Understand this difference and how big a role it plays to make your content strategy a success.


Content features

Instagram offers different features that you can use to enhance your content. Know what they are and how they work in sync with your content to boost its visibility.


Instagram Stories

Understand how you can ace Instagram stories and leverage them to get more people to see your brand online.


Creating intimacy with users

Understand how you can make a brand feel personal to users, how you can forge connections and have meaningful interactions with your audience through Instagram Marketing.


Instagram Algorithm

Understand how Instagram Algorithm worked earlier and how it works now. Learn to use the algorithm to your benefit.


Paid Promotion

Understand how you can do a paid promotion on Instagram and know if it is the right fit for your Instagram Marketing strategy.



Learn how you can measure the performance of your Instagram Marketing strategy and see how you can identify content that works and content that doesn’t.


Tools you can use to measure post

Know some great tools that you can use for planning and measuring your Instagram Marketing performance.


What you need to measure

Learn what metrics should you worry about and which metrics to improve on. Understand why you need to make this an important part of your Instagram Marketing strategy.


Linking Facebook ads manager

Understand how you can use Facebook Ads Manager to run ads on Instagram and when you should do it.



Get to know how much you should splurge on Instagram Marketing and how to budget your Social Media spending.


Tracking Instagram’s contribution

There is no point in executing an Instagram Marketing strategy if you cannot track how useful it is. Learn why you need to track Instagram’s contribution to your business.

Who should enroll for the Masterclass?



If you are a student who wants to know how you can become an influencer or how you can use Instagram for brands in various niches, then this Masterclass on Instagram Marketing Strategy will give you all the insights you require.

Working Professionals

If you want to add Instagram Marketing skills to your resume, then this Masterclass is a good starting point. The more you learn about the latest Instagram Marketing strategies, the better placed you will be to handle Social Media Marketing in your job.


Business Owners

If you want to market your business on instagram but have no idea how to do it effectively, then this Masterclass is perfect for you. You will get a nice overview of how to use the power of Instagram to connect with your potential customers.

A Curious Soul

If you are a curious soul wondering about what all this hype around Instagram Marketing is, then this Masterclass will solve all your doubts. Watch it to understand why Instagram Marketing is ruling the roost when it comes to user engagement and business promotion.


Startup Founders

If you have a startup, it is necessary to understand how Instagram is one of the most powerful advertising channels available to you to increase your sales. This Masterclass will enlighten you about how Instagram can promote your startup and increase your customer base.

Meet Your Instructor

Instagram Marketing Strategy Instructor Vir Saini

Vir Bhan Saini is a Full Stack Marketer with great expertise in both, backend as well as front-end marketing activities.
He is the founder of Kitaabi, Mumbai’s largest second-hand book store, and has worked with several brands over the years to get hand-on experience in online marketing.
He is a skilled content strategist, graphic designer and motion graphic artist and has an in-depth knowledge of today’s Social Media scenario and how you can use it in the best possible way. This makes him your perfect teacher to take up this Instagram Marketing Masterclass.

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What Our Learners Say about the Session

This totally changed my approach to Social Media Marketing. Kudos to Vir for such a great session. Nice.
Atharva Pandit
A lot of things can go wrong in Instagram Marketing. This Masterclass helped me understand how to go about it the right way.
Akshara Shah
IIDE always comes up with super insightful sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Instagram and how to use it for my company.
Pragyan Patel
Thank you for the wonderful Masterclass on Instagram Marketing. It was very interesting. The instructor was very knowledgeable about Instagram.
Sakshi Jha
I loved it. I never knew there were so many things we could do using Instagram. I found this session very useful.
Kramica Shashtri
Totally worth it. The tools, the content approach, the techniques to use- everything is very useful. Great session.
Ameena Ghogawala
Understand the basics of Instagram Marketing. Learn to reach out to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can beginners also join Instagram Masterclass?
This Masterclass is great for beginners as Vir will take you from the very basics of Instagram to the advanced concepts. This Masterclass will tell you all the basics you need to know about Instagram Marketing and why it is so important for every business in the world today.
Will the Masterclass help me become successful on Instagram?

This Masterclass teaches you everything you need to know on how to use Instagram to become successful. Success can mean a lot of things, and this course will help you succeed in coming up with a viable Instagram Marketing strategy which will help you drive sales and make real money from Instagram.

Will I be able to use Instagram effectively after the course?
You will be taught all concepts & strategies needed to use Instagram effectively by the end of the course. You will be taught, how to reach out to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.