Masterclass Overview

India is a developing country and over the last few decades, it has shown tremendous growth in various sectors. Students, graduates, and professionals are looking for the highest paying careers in India that can help them earn what they deserve. If you are one of them, then this masterclass is perfect for you.

If you look at the approach of job seekers and job opportunities today, India has come a long way. Earlier, people used to choose only specific job profiles to build their careers. Being a doctor, engineer, or lawyer was preferred. The reason for this was that there was a lack of technology and innovation and these careers offered some stability. However, now the technological innovations and globalization have changed the scenario completely. As a result, now job seekers are not only confined to traditionally followed career options but are looking for job options in which they have a keen interest and which offer the highest paying careers in India. Companies, on the other hand, are looking for skilled workers who know all the latest technologies and are well versed with working in the Digital environment.

Learn about the most in-demand skills of the year and understand the relevance of digital education. Get introduced to the highest paying careers in India and find your fit.

This MasterClass is going to tell you about some amazing skills that would help you take advantage of the booming Digital Industry in 2020 and beyond. Learning these skills will completely change your career outlook.

Learn important concepts

Know which skills will be relevant in the post-COVID digital era.

30 Minutes

Make sure you have approximately 30 minutes to attend the entire session.

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What You Will Learn

This session will tell you the most important skills you need today if you want to survive in the world that is going rapidly online due to COVID.

Changes that India has undergone

With more than a million internet users, India is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for digital consumers, but adoption is uneven among business organisations. As digital capability improves and connectivity becomes available everywhere, technology is set to quickly and radically transform nearly every sector of India’s economy. This is going to create significant economic value as well as change the nature of work for millions of Indians. Understand what changes the country has undergone in terms of technology, education and highest paying careers in India.


New avenues

Today, India is well on its way to becoming a digitally advanced country. Pushed forward by the reducing cost and rising availability of smartphones as well as high-speed internet, India is already home to one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing bases of digital consumers. Our businesses are going digital faster than those in many mature and emerging economies. This has led to a lot of new highest paying careers in India coming up. This masterclass will make you aware of all the new avenues that have opened up in terms of employability landscape and the reasons behind them.


Industries that will survive the COVID era

The public sector has been a strong catalyst for India’s fast digitization. At the same time, innovation in the private sector has helped bring internet-enabled services to millions of people and made online services more accessible.
Know which sectors are best placed to survive the COVID pandemic and which amongst them are best suited to become the highest paying careers in India.


Business transformation

Global and local digital businesses have recognized the opportunity in India and are creating services tailored to their consumers and unique operating conditions. All this means that these companies require a skilled workforce to run their operations. Learning the skills they require will give you a chance to get the highest paying careers in India for yourself.


What kind of Employees are needed

Indian organisations are already adapting to new and emerging digital ecosystems in sectors such as education, agriculture, energy, healthcare, financial services, and logistics. Know what kind of skills these organisations are looking for today and how they offer some of the highest paying careers in India.


The skills you need to learn today

Changes brought by digital adoption are disrupting India’s labour force as well as its industries. It is estimated that as many as 65 million new jobs could be created from the direct and indirect impact of digitization. These jobs could be available in industries as diverse as trade, IT, media, finance, telecom, construction and manufacturing, agriculture, and transport and logistics.
In this masterclass you will understand which are the most relevant skills for companies across the globe for having the highest paying careers in India.

Who should enroll for the Masterclass?



If you are a student who wants to know which career options are best for you, then this masterclass will give you a good career direction about the highest paying careers in India.


Startup Founders

If you have a startup, it is necessary to understand the world is going digital and what kind of workforce you will need to succeed. You will be in a position to offer someone the chance to be a part of the highest paying careers in India. Understand what these career options are and what skilled professionals you will require for your startup.

Working Professionals

If you want to shift your career and be on the path of the highest paying careers in India, this masterclass is something you should not miss.

About the instructor

Highest Paying Careers in India Masterclass Instructor - Jeni Asher

Jeni is a Strategic Marketing Specialist and has successfully trained 2000+ students and teachers on various aspects of online marketing. She has guided our students towards some of the highest paying careers in India.

She has helped brands like Citi-Bank in their marketing and sales efforts, achieving the required benchmarks and acquiring monthly targets.

Having studied subjects like Organisational Behaviour, International Marketing, and Entrepreneurship Management, she has a great understanding of what today’s organisations require.

As a part of the Placement Cell of IIDE, she has placed students in some of the top companies across the country. This is what makes her perfect to guide you about your career options and the highest paying careers in India.

What Our Learners Say about the Session

This session on the highest paying careers in India was very informative. The information that Jeni shared is something that everyone must know, especially if you are just beginning your career.

Sahil Sharma

In a country where Medical and Engineering is the top choice of careers, this session on the highest paying careers in India sheds light on other career opportunities important in this post COVID world.

Manthan Patel

I loved the session on the highest paying careers in India. It was amazing. I had so many questions about my career choice. This session gave me a good direction to proceed. Jeni gave me a lot of things to think about.

Riti Singh

Jeni is an amazing teacher. She explains everything so fluidly and simply. Loved the way she imparted information on the future job scenario and the highest paying careers in India.

Ameya Prajapati

As a student, this session on the highest paying careers in India was very essential for me. It opened my eyes to a lot of different career paths that I had not thought of before.

Rohini Sharma

IIDE always organises such wonderful sessions. This was another brilliant one on the highest paying careers in India. It gave me so many things to think about. Loved it.

Aakanshya Borkotoky

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