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Graduation Day 2018

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Graduation Day 2018- IIDE students are really tested in their Final months. From deadlines to submissions, everything comes at once. Hence, after a lot of intensive hard work over six months, it’s our duty to bid adieu to our students in style. This is done in 2 parts: First, as a formal graduation ceremony, and then an after party.

The formal part of the graduation usually consists of award and certificate distributions, speeches, and a whole lot of FOOD.

This time, however, we changed things up. We included activities on our graduation day.

#BagfullofMemories and ‘Digital Dreams’

In #BagfullofMemories: envelopes of student’s names were put up and other students were able to write personalized chits to them.

Digital Dreams consisted of everyone writing down what dreams they have and what they aspire to be in the near future. Our founder and CEO Karan Shah wrote his dream as to be ‘Prime Minister’ one day.

This brought an end to the 2018 graduation at IIDE. We just love celebrating the future Digital Marketers of India, their hard work, their all new ventures & placements. Our graduation celebrations is an every year occasion, feel free to join in the coming years, you’ll definitely find some amazing talent!

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