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How to build a YT channel?

  • At IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education we had a chance to host a SuperSession with Nidhi Mathur and Maanvi . on How to build a YT channel and create content that you can monetize?
  • Manvi said this beautiful line “in trying to say everything you say nothing” and explained how the ideation of a youtube channel begins with selecting a niche around which you wish to create content.
  • She explained how one can select a particular question and then research the people who are already making content around it. The next step is to find out what the audience wants to see and what you think you will share as a user and then experiments with the ideas and check which content works for you.
  • She walked us through a few videos of Vitamin Stree and explained how they choose a niche and started creating content that users were actually interested in.
  • After creating a number of videos, one needs to check the views, subscribers, shares and CTR to analyse the success of the video and make the changes as per the analytics in your content as well as your SEO.
  • Nidhi, on the other hand, explained how after creating good content and having a good subscriber base one can earn money not only through youtube ads but also via other options like brand collaborations, affiliate marketing, merchandising and a lot more.
  • She mentioned how choosing a brand for collab as a creator is also important because it should match the theme and interests of your content and your audience.
  • Nidhi & Maanvi also discussed how short-form content is booming and is great for creators and at the same time agreed on the point that it’s hard to create short content and said irrespective of the trend, long-form content will be something that will never go out of the trend.

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