IIDE Super Session Topic

Leadership is an action, not position.

  • IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education hosted a SuperSession on Leadership with Megha Seth – Consulting Specialist at Edelman. She started by sharing how she believed that nothing comes in life easily and how she did a 1 year-long internship for a monthly stipend of just INR 7500 but learned so many things from it.
  • She beautifully explained how thought leadership was a thing in India before such terms were formally introduced because many leaders were known for their influence on people and their teams. But now, since the influence of social media and other platforms is high, people are keen on knowing what leaders are doing and are getting influenced by their actions. This also makes thought leadership even more important from a PR perspective.
  • She highlighted how a person’s personality, views about his profile, and how people peruse them as a leader create a significant impact on the kind of thought leader they make. She also shared how LinkedIn and Twitter are the major focus when it comes to thought leadership as people look at thought leaders more from a professional perspective and not as an influencer.
  • She walked us through a study done by Edelman and Linkedin on the impact of thought leadership and statistics on how actually thought leadership helps to create an impact on the employees of the organisation and also how it helps to create an impression on the minds of customers and at the same time help in creating a brand image.
  • She also explained what exactly happens on a consultancy front and how thought leadership is much more than just posting and revamping the Linkedin and Twitter profile of the leaders.
  • She advised students how patience and perseverance are the main factors that can lead them to SUCCESS.

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Other Super Mentors

Every Saturday IIDE hosts live super sessions with CMO’s of top companies and heavyweights of the advertising industry.