Claim Your ₹1,00,000 Scholarship – Only for the First 100 Learners! Apply Now!
Claim Your ₹1,00,000 Scholarship – Only for the First 100 Learners! Apply Now!
Claim Your ₹1,00,000 Scholarship – Only for the First 100 Learners! Apply Now!
Claim Your ₹1,00,000 Scholarship – Only for the First 100 Learners! Apply Now!
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  • IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education had the honour of hosting an Offline Super-Session on Breaking Stereotypes with Creativity, with Kartik Johari – VP Marketing & Commerce: Nobel Hygiene Pvt. Ltd. and Shayonnita Mallik.
  • Kartik started with a brief introduction about his journey and focused on the brand, RIO. He explained how team RIO addressed the topic of menstruation & how “SENSIBILITIES” matters. This is derived out of research as it is extremely important to craft communication and be equally honest and when a brand doesn`t get an engagement, it becomes a necessity to ask questions especially, Why`s?
  • He also recollected the thought and shared another experience he had with RIO pads, where the campaign emphasized the innocent goddess who was later labelled as “shameless” i.e “Lajja Gauri”. To tackle such problems team managed to make a mark in people’s minds by taking ORM as one of the important topics for their brand.
    Team RIO ran a #BloodReportCampaign where they got only 4 downloads for an Instagram Promotion and 12 downloads for the website campaign where Facebook had a view count of 34-45.
  • He mentioned a few points to remember when it comes to research for any type of campaign, i.e. – Budget, Information on the market, Facts about the products which no one has an idea about, Communication Strategy & Material, etc And when you tend to buy such research it becomes expensive but it is also important to keep in mind the communication with partners.
  • He walked us through, the #TheBloodySecrets campaign and told us the importance of research and the role it plays at such times. When asked about the timeline, he said, one doesn`t have the privilege to decide the timeline of video content as they don’t have the control. He walked us through some major campaigns like the “G Active| Water made Active” commercial and shared the importance of the thought process behind the creation of powerful campaigns.
  • And #OtherSidesOfMotherhood, Mother`s Day Campaign by RIO, media planning indeed plays an extremely important role, and when it comes to the audience the communication matters as keeping regional languages in mind.
  • He ended the session with a word of advice for our students starting their career in Digital Marketing. He stated – It`s important to understand the media & who controls the industry, No one owes us anything, The magic of Compounding, Kaizen & Napkin Finance, Make reading a habit, Develop good communications skills, Stay updated about Tech, Keep exploring & know Ad Tech, Understand the importance of Mental Math, Be a good listener first, Psychology is the king of everything, Encourage serendipity and try to keep your body active.
  • He recommended the book “The Righteous Mind” and said, Logic should dictate ACTION.
  • It was a powerpack session that helped students gain insights into the post-campaign procedure and how one can deal with it from the brand’s perspective.

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