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The digital marketing industry is growing rapidly and the demand for digital marketers across the world is skyrocketing. Lack of good digital marketers is a common problem faced by the majority of organizations. We’re giving you an insight into how this industry works and how you can become an important part of it today!

Digital Marketing is one of the few high rewarding careers that does not require a college degree

  • Discover how long it takes to master digital marketing
  • Learn how you can make recruiters line up to hire you
  • Learn where do you fit in a digital marketing agency
  • Find out how you can practice digital marketing while learning it
  • Understand what makes the digital marketing industry
  • Be informed about the future of the digital marketing

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11th January 2020

14th Mar, 2020

8th January 2020

4 PM - 6 PM

11th January 2020

IIDE Andheri Campus

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