Digital Marketing Associate

(Freshers Only)

Job Profile


  • Develop, execute, manage and analyse all aspects of the company’s marketing strategy across the following channels: Search, Social, Display & Remarketing
  • Identify high value customer segments and tailor online marketing content to attract and retain these customers while maximizing life time value
  • Create and manage campaigns in Google AdWords, Facebook, etc
  • Write and test strong ad copies/content
  • Monitor and analyze cross-channel conversion data in order to optimize the media mix and identify new growth opportunities
  • Establish and monitor metrics to track campaign performance, targets and goals, including providing detailed ROI analysis and forecasting
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement by developing and implementing a framework for testing
  • Giving a brief to the designer on how the creative/video will look
  • Ideate and strategies landing pages for lead generation and Ads
  • Expert in on and off page optimization and coordinate with SEO agency in regards to rankings and outreach to bloggers
  • Take down any other activities from your reporting manager as and when required



  • Good communication skills ( written/ verbal)
  • Bare minimum of 6 months’ experience in Digital Marketing/ Paid Media
  • Substantial experience working with performance marketing metrics (CPM, CPI, CPA, CPC etc)
  • Strong analytical background, with good experience in converting data into actionable results
  • Passion for online marketing and search in particular
  • Organized and detail oriented with excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape and continually look for new