Crisis Management for Brands Session

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This supersession was held by Ramya Ramamurthy. An ex-CNBC TV 18 Broadcast Journalist. She currently directs documentaries for channels like Start Work and National Geographic.

The session was essentially about crisis management, where Ramya handpicked case studies and real-world examples from her book Rebuild.
In today’s digitally driven world, brands have no option but to be present on the internet. This overall positive development doesn’t come without its downsides. The likeliness of brands to fall into the traps of controversy has increased multifold. Hence as digital marketers, we believed our students had immense wisdom to gain out of this session.

The session spoke about crisis management from a first principle standpoint. Ramya’s repository of knowledge on the subject never seemed to near its end. All in all, our students came out of this workshop as wiser, more cautious marketers.

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