Content Writer (Marketing)

Job Profile

Skills – Impeccable English



  • Staying up to date with the digital industry and startup trends
  • Create value driven content
  • Read content and correct for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Verify facts using standard reference sources
  • Plan the content of digital media and publications according to the publication’s style and editorial policy
  • Allocate space for the text, photos, and illustrations that make up a story. Cooperate and liaise with designers, photographers, advertising reps, writers, artists etc
  • Recruit and manage writers, reporters, coordinators
  • SEO Optimize all content
  • Coordinate with Social Media team for getting best traction on post
  • Working with writers and creating yourself – e-books, guides etc



  • Rewrite copy to make it easier for readers to understand
  • Develop story and content ideas while being mindful of the audience
  • Write a blog articles



  • Evaluate submissions from writers to decide what to publish
  • Work with writers to help their ideas and stories succeed
  • Coordinate with writers on delivery of content


Email Marketing

  • Creating timeline based emails for our database
  • Creating and automating weekly emails for Events and Upcoming Courses
  • Creating and sending weekly newsletters with knowledge/news based content

The candidate must be residing in Mumbai