Christmas Day Celebration

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Just like every other family celebrates festivals and occasions together. We at IIDE are no different. This Christmas, the team at IIDE set up fun games and activities and games for the students of the current batch.

The activities were centred around getting to know each other better and team building. The main games were:

Charades- Where students formed teams and played against each other.

People hunt- Where certain criteria were given to students on a sheet of paper, like their favourite food, colour, TV show, and interest etc… and then they had to go around the classroom to get to know who had the same interest as them. Once students find someone with their interests, they must have a 30-second conversation with them about an interest that they have mentioned in the paper.

Secret Santa- In this, students were on a random basis allotted another student that they must get a gift.

It was a fun-filled event, full of excitement & got everyone into their Christmas spirits.

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