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Marketing Mix Of Uniqlo with Updated Company Overview and Explanations

Updated on: Sep 17, 2021
Marketing Mix of Uniqlo | IIDE

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Uniqlo, the clothing line is formed from the simplest designs that are the perfect blend of Japanese values of quality and ease. The clothing line has maintained a desirable and fashionable brand position that provides innovative and classy products while maintaining a perfect balance between price and quality.

 In this case study, we’ll be analyzing the 4Ps marketing mix of Uniqlo. Let’s get started with the basic understanding of the Uniqlo company.


About Uniqlo


Marketing Mix of Uniqlo | IIDE

Uniqlo is a Japanese retailer formed in March 1949 in Ube, Yamaguchi, specializing in clothing and accessories for men and women, focusing on the younger generation. The clothing is created in such a way that it embodies the Japanese characteristics of simplicity and elegance. Uniqlo produces warm and light clothing made of high-quality textiles that are purchased by people of all economic classes.

The designs vary throughout time, and the company strives to modernize to suit the demands of a youthful, demanding populace. It has also contributed to society and seeks a long-term business plan.

The brand was founded by Grameen Uniqlo in Bangladesh in 2011 to assist local communities, promote economic development in the region, and raise people’s living standards by giving job opportunities. Uniqlo produces and sells garments in its community benefiting local businesses.

Now that we had a basic overview of the company. Let’s start discussing the 4Ps marketing mix of Uniqlo. 


Marketing Mix of Uniqlo

A marketing mix is a tool used by marketers to develop profitable marketing strategies with their products and services. It has 4 components known as 4Ps: Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. 

Uniqlo has established itself as a popular and stylish brand that offers innovative and fashionable items at an affordable price. Let’s have a look at each one of them concerning Uniqlo in the coming sections. 


1. Product Strategy of Uniqlo

Uniqlo Free Style Program | Marketing Mix of Uniqlo | IIDE

Uniqlo is an international clothing company that manufactures, designs, and sells stylish and casual clothing. It has a large selection of designer fabrics as well as basic items. Uniqlo aspires to be the best in terms of fit, durability, and fabric quality. 

Its clothing line is affordable to all, and it is constantly working to bring more warmth, better designs, constant innovation, and higher quality to appeal to everyone. It caters to men, women, and youngsters, with a wide range of clothing designed with the firm in mind. 

Uniqlo’s variety of products have grasped a wide range of audience. So let’s see how Uniqlo distributes its products in the coming section. 


2. Place & Distribution Strategy of Uniqlo

Uniqlo Mall | Marketing Mix of Uniqlo | IIDE

Uniqlo sells through its stores in almost all major metropolitan cities throughout the world. Aside from that, it sells online via its website.

There 15 to 30 per cent of the entire revenue comes from online sales. The company currently operates 1920 stores all across the world. Uniqlo primarily caters to the urban and suburban populations.

The firm has a well-developed research and development department that keeps a close eye on all of its goods and units.

The company disperses its products to its customers with several offline retail stores and online stores. Let’s get to know about the pricing strategy below.


3. Pricing Strategy of Uniqlo

Uniqlo has mid-range products with prices ranging from 2000 to 8000. The pricing is competitive and the firm distinguishes itself from the competition by using unique simple designs and bright colours.

The brand always wishes to offer high-quality at an affordable price which makes its model pretty unique. Ownership of the entire production line and purchasing in bulk helps reduce costs and therefore prices and standards of quality are respected.

The corporation gives lower rates on its items to promote brand visibility. This has resulted in an increase in sales, which has resulted in higher revenues and profit margins.

By its reasonable and affordable price, the products are promoted to the target market. Now that we had an understanding of the pricing strategy of Uniqlo, let’s have a look at the promotion strategy of Uniqlo. 


4. Promotion & Advertising Strategy of Uniqlo

Uniqlo Promotional Campaigns | Marketing Mix of Uniqlo | IIDE

Uniqlo has a kind AI system and a customer creation team that analyzes the customer purchasing style, which helps to gauge customer preference and style promotional content accordingly.

The company’s growing online sales provide the team with necessary big data on the customer purchases and preferences which the brand uses in its research. 

The brand offers regular customers weekly promotions that are divided by gender to make them more appealing, such as Boys promotions coupons, Men’s promotions coupons, Girl’s promotions coupons, and Women’s promotions coupons. To raise brand awareness, it has its website as well as accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Thus, this concludes the marketing mix of Uniqlo. To create better and better products, we follow the principles of continuous evolution. Uniqlo has increased its presence throughout the world by its unique way of establishing new products with exciting prices in a stupendous way. Now, it’s time to analyze some marketing strategies adopted by Uniqlo.




Uniqlo was established on the principle of Japanese simplicity and essentiality. The company understands that its product is one of the most effective marketing weapons. The business places a premium on providing excellent customer service and communicating about issues that are important to customers.

This is a brand that has a clear and strong brand story and ensures that its content interacts and expresses with the audience better, from the stories behind the goods to the influencers with whom the brand works, all thanks to localized social media content.

Thank you for taking the time to read this case study, and I hope you found it useful. Please share your innovative ideas in the comments section below. You might also take Karan Shah’s Free Digital Marketing Masterclass if you’re interested in digital marketing.

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