MBA in Digital Marketing in Rajouri-Garden: Colleges, Eligibility, Scope

Updated on: Jul 11, 2023
Mba in digital marketing in Rajouri Garden

MBA is a prestigious course that is not only for freshers but also for working professionals that helps them to upskill and keep up with industry trends and standards. Digital marketing has gained importance because of its ability to get market goods and services to the target audiences of brands at rates more affordable as compared to traditional methods of marketing. 

With the dawn of the digital age, the popularity of the Mba in digital marketing has increased in the world and especially in urban cities like Mumbai, Delhi, etc, which have organizations that constantly want to create a virtual presence. Mba in digital marketing in Rajouri- Garden (Delhi) has gained significance and has become very popular amongst both newcomers as well as professionals.  

Let’s just glance over a sample of an opening in Rajouri- Garden to get a perspective of the job titles available in the area. 

(Source: Indeed)

Scope of digital marketing in Rajouri- Garden

With the increased digitalization, businesses are keen to create an online presence and constantly demand professionals to help them achieve this arduous task. The scope of digital marketing in Rajouri- Garden includes both B2B (business to business) as well as B2C (business to customers) which means agencies can generate leads from both companies and customers. 

 Both large scale, as well as small scale organizations, want to get on board the digital express to drive engagement and increase their sales to earn higher profits. A lot of people are interested in doing a Mba in digital marketing to get good jobs in the sector.  

The digital marketing scope in this area is high and set to remain that way as more and more companies transition to digital. 

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Eligibility Requirements for MBA in Digital Marketing in Rajouri-Garden

Here are some common eligibility requirements for pursuing an MBA in Digital Marketing in Rajouri-Garden

Eligibility Criteria Minimum Requirements
Educational Qualifications An undergraduate degree from any recognized university with at least 50% of the total scores or marks. 
Work Experience 0 ‚Äď 5 years of work experience¬†
Entrance exam CAT, MAT, CMAT, SNAP, NMAT, XAT, GMAT, or other equivalent entrance examinations. 


It is important to note that the admission requirements mentioned above may vary depending on the college or institute. Hence, we advise you to thoroughly examine the admission criteria of your preferred college or institution before submitting your application.

However, if you are a beginner in the field of digital marketing or currently pursuing an undergraduate degree, you can apply for digital marketing courses like IIDE’s 4-month advance online digital marketing course. This course provides in-depth knowledge regarding key skills and topics and also provides placements to its students. 

How one must apply for Mba in digital marketing in Rajouri- Garden?

The application process has multiple steps involved and attention must be given while completing the process to ensure smooth completion. The steps involved are: 

  • First of all it is important to choose the right institution according to the student‚Äôs desires.¬†
  • Once the colleges are selected the respective application forms must be filled out by the student with all the correct and necessary details.¬†
  • Entrance tests like CAT are necessary for entrance into a majority of Indian institutions. Some have specific entrances like Symbiosis has SNAP, NMIMS has its own NPAT exam, etc. For entry into universities abroad usually, either the SAT scores or the GMAT scores are accepted but this varies from one university to another.¬†
  • After the results of the entrances and the details of the application forms are scrutinized then the selected individuals receive callbacks from the admission teams to schedule the interview round.¬†
  • After the interview round, the students that are selected are asked to submit their proper documentation to complete the admission.
  • Once the documents are verified the students pay their fees and complete their admission process.¬†
  • These are the general steps involved in the application process for Mba in digital marketing.¬†

Now that you have a fair idea of a Mba in digital marketing then let us go ahead and provide you with some of the institutions that provide MBA in digital marketing in Rajouri- Garden area (Delhi).

Top 5 Colleges Offering MBA In Digital Marketing In Rajouri- Garden

After doing thorough research, we believe the following 5 colleges, universities, or institutions offer the best MBA in Digital Marketing in Rajouri- Garden

Colleges or Institutions Duration  Fees  Placements
IIDE  11 months  INR 5,95,000 100% Guaranteed
IGNOU 2 Years INR 37,800 Yes
Techstack Academy 12 months INR 1,32,000 Yes
DIDE 5 months INR 48,490 Yes
Skill Circle 14-month INR 2,75,000 Yes




Indian Institute of Digital Education offers an 11-month digital marketing program that is on par with any other Mba in digital marketing from a reputed institution. It is the most widely chosen and best-ranked digital marketing program. Hence, an amazing option for MBA in digital marketing in Rajouri Garden that uses a 3 method teacher system that provides a personalized experience to the students. 

Course benefits/ highlights:
  • 600+ hours of learning
  • 1-on-1 mentorship sessions
  • Compulsory 2-month internship¬†¬†¬†
  • It assures 100% placements¬†
  • 28+ industry-relevant skills
  • 13+ live projects
  • 2 types of specializations available
Course syllabus:     
  • Inbound marketing‚Äď It includes an introduction to digital marketing. Discussion on traditional vs digital marketing techniques. Students learn how to create good-looking and well-designed websites as well as landing pages using WordPress. Under search marketing, learn SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), and ASO (app store optimization).¬†
  • Outbound marketing‚Äď It includes teachings of SMM (social media marketing),¬† Content marketing, and video marketing. SMM provides in-depth teachings into all the various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Content marketing includes content writing, copywriting, design essentials, blogging & AdSense, detailed AIDA content marketing, etc.¬†
  • Media management & automation‚Äď It includes skills like mobile marketing, e-commerce management, affiliate marketing, podcast marketing, influencer marketing, marketing automation tools, and all the different media management tools that are required.¬†
  • Managerial & soft skills- Training in soft skills like resume building, advanced ppt presentations, presentation skills, interview skills, and advanced Excel skills. Agency skills taught include how to approach a client, learn to package your digital marketing strategies, learn to pitch marketing plans to clients, etc.¬†
  • Mandatory internship & thesis‚Äď There is a compulsory two-month internship with industry experts and students are required to submit a thesis paper at the end based on the real-world scenario.¬†
  • Specialization‚Äď The 2 specializations are Performance marketing and creative strategy. Creative strategy teaches new-age marketing techniques such as podcasts, reels, shorts, etc.¬†
  • Capstone project‚Äst it is a final project in a simulated real-life scenario that helps understand the true challenges and prepares students for what‚Äôs to come.¬†
Course Faculty:

Another best part of IIDE is that the trainers carry years of experience from the real industry. They have worked for big brands such as Asian Paints, Unilever, etc, along with the curriculum they also share their learnings. 

Course Duration & Fees: 

IIDE‚Äôs MBA-level Postgraduate Program in Digital Marketing¬†is an 11-month program with 18 hours per week of learning. The lecture timings are from 2:00 to 5:00 IST. The fee for the program is ‚āĻ4,67,797 pre-tax.¬†

Scholarship Available:

IIDE also offers scholarships to all candidates of up to INR 1,00,000 based on merit.  

Check one of their alumni’s success stories- 

Placement Assistance:

IIDE provides placement assistance and boasts a record of 100% placements for the students of their programs. Help them connect with companies and hiring managers of the organization the students aspire to work for.

mba alumni

Contact Details:

Phone No.- +91 96199 58615

2. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

Mba in digital marketing in Rajouri-Garden

This institution provides the option of both online and offline classes for this program. It is a 2-year program for students and students can apply for it after completing their graduation. Although it is a 2-year program the university allows students to complete it over a 5-year period. Each semester deals with a different aspect of digital marketing. The students can get their admission by giving the Openmat entrance examination. 

Course benefit/ Highlights:
  • Industry recognition- The course provided by this institution is recognized throughout the industry. The institution has a great name in the corporate world which helps them provide good placements to students.¬†
  • Best-in-class student services- They have a dedicated student support team that helps resolve student queries and multiple touchpoints like calls, emails, etc where students can get solutions to any issues that may arise.¬†
  • Salary hikes- The students who complete this course can expect a salary hike¬†
  • Future-ready- Students are made future-ready as the course is constantly updated and relevant technology services are taught to the students.
  Course syllabus:

  The course has 4 terms and covers digital marketing in detail. 

  • In term one topics like business term management, decision science, operations management, organizational behaviour, etc are taught.¬†
  • In term 2 you learn ms excel, marketing management, enterprise analysis, human resource management, etc.¬†
  • In term 3 you learn digital marketing basics, digital branding, social media marketing, strategic branding, etc.¬†
  • In term 4 you learn topics like mobile marketing, email marketing, e-commerce, SEM, etc.¬†
 Course Faculty:
  • The faculty at the university are experts in their respective fields¬†
Course duration & fees:
  • The course fee is ‚āĻ37,800
  • The program is a 2-year program but can be completed over a¬† year period.¬†
Placement assistance:

They have a placement cell which was founded in the year 2005. They provide assistance to their students and also organise career fairs and exhibitions for all their students including management students. 

Contact Details:

Phone No.¬†‚Äď 011- 26990083
Email ‚Äď
Website ‚Äď¬†

3. Techstack Academy 

It is Delhi’s most prestigious institute and is rated the best institute for digital marketing programs in Delhi. Hence, it is another good option for those looking for MBA in digital marketing in Rajouri Garden. It is affiliated with Orangus India which is a top Indian digital marketing agency therefore students get dual credentials. 

Course Benefit/ Highlights:
  • Have multiple partners like Orangus,¬† amazon services, etc.¬†
  • 100% placement assistance¬†
  • They guarantee 17+ certifications¬†
  • Capstone projects from partners like Orangus and Team Variance like PPC lead generation campaign, Targeted landing pages for industrial metal businesses, etc.¬†
Course syllabus:

The curriculum includes 88 modules in total. The topics include basics like the introduction to marketing and digital marketing. Provides a practical emphasis on topics like website planning, website creation, SEO, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, and the other tools that are required in the industry. Topics like: 

  • SEM,¬†
  • Social Media Marketing,¬†
  • Email marketing, m
  • Mobile marketing,
  • Content marketing,
  • Google Webmaster
  • Graphic design
  • Magneto¬†
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Audio engineering
  • Video Optimization¬†
  • Video Marketing¬†
  • Adobe Photoshop¬†
  • Viral marketing¬†
  • Startup plan and strategy Google AdSense
  • Data Analytics¬†
  • Marketing statistics
  • Marketing 3.0
  • Programmatic advertising¬†
  • Sports Marketing¬†

They also provide lessons in video editing, optimization, and marketing. Teach new skills like growth hacking, app development, etc. Basically, all the aspects are covered in this program.

Course Faculty:
  • The faculty members have a combined experience of over 20+ years of experience.
  • There are about 20 mentors who mentor the students in the program and some of them even have awards to their names.¬†¬†¬†
  • They have the support of 1300+ industry mentors as well.¬†
 Course duration & fees:
  • The duration of the course is 12 months which includes 1 month of internship.
  • The fees for the program is quoted at approx ‚āĻ1,32,000
Placement assistance: 
  • Their partners Orangus India and Team Variance provide opportunities for the students to work on live projects under their guidance to gain a better perspective.¬†
Contact Details:

Phone No.- 9319844494
Email ‚Äď
Website ‚Äď¬†

4. Delhi Institute of Digital Education (DIDE)

Mba in digital marketing in Rajouri-Garden

They teach 50+ modules in their digital marketing program. The course is 5 months long where the training is conducted for 3 months and the remaining 2 months are dedicated to mentorship training under expert marketers. The training is provided in hybrid mode which means both online and offline classes. 

Course Benefit/ Highlights:
  • Practical course by their experts.¬†
  • They have tools and software support to practice the teachings.
  • Online Learning Management System (LMS) by Skill Shiksha is provided
  • Course materials like e-books are also provided to the students
Course syllabus: 
  • Ice breaker for digital marketing- This provides an introduction and helps us understand how digital marketing works. It helps understand the basics of digital marketing, especially for freshers.¬†
  • Website design without using code- This institute teaches its students to design websites without having to do any kind of coding. They teach them techniques and ways to design the website through their tips and tricks.¬†
  • Email marketing- Email marketing in today‚Äôs times is very popular and is being used by many if not all organizations. It is one of the best ways to gain the trust of customers and create brand loyalty.¬†
  • Lead Generation for Business- All organizations want to maximize profits so the course helps the students to understand how they can generate leads for their businesses.¬†
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)- They teach the students the ins and outs of search engine optimization and how to improve search rankings and have higher visibility for a brand‚Äôs website.¬†
  • Google Analytics & Adsense-¬† These are programs run on Google‚Äôs platform that helps in creating and measuring the working of the ad campaigns run on its platform.¬†
Course Faculty:

The course faculty are industry experts who have 8+ years of experience. They also provide career counselling to the students and guide them as to what the right steps would be for them to achieve their aims and aspirations. 

Course duration & fees:
  • The duration of this course is for 5 months where 3 months is training in the hybrid method, and the remaining 2 months are spent under the mentorship of experts where students get real-life experience.¬†
  • The fee for this program is ‚āĻ48,490 which includes their entire course with all the perks and training.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†
Placement assistance:
  • This institute provides assistance for placements. They provide resume-building sessions and help students to adjust and edit their resumes.¬†
  • They help the students to prepare for job interviews and also hold questionnaire sessions for the students to fully prepare them.¬†
Contact Details:

Phone No.- 8800505151

5. Skill Circle

Mba in digital marketing in Rajouri-Garden

Skill Circle provides a specialisation course and teaches students about the branding of products and marketing activities on both local and international levels. This institute provides a 14-month Mba in digital marketing. This course is provided by Skill Circle by them alone and not in affiliation with any other institute. 

Course Benefit/ Highlights:
  • 11 months of advanced training is provided¬†
  • 3 months of specialisation training in E-commerce or Performance marketing or Influencer marketing¬†¬†
  • Then they provide a 6 months internship with¬†
  • Access to premium tools worth $2000¬†
  • Students are provided active simulation training where they can practice campaigns¬†
  • 4 Capstone projects with a dedicated mentor from the industry
  • 25+ internationally recognized certifications¬†
  • They also provide interview preparation services with their Hr heads working at, IIMs, etc.
  • They also provide placement assurance to their students.¬†
Course syllabus:
  • Introduction
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Designing Skills
  • Video Marketing
  • Blogging & bloggers
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):
  • Google my business setup
  • Social media marketing¬†
  • Strategy building¬†
  • Organic¬†
  • Inorganic¬†
  • Google Adwords
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Analytics
  • Youtube marketing¬†
  • Email marketing¬†
  • Copywriting¬†
  • Online reputation management¬†
  • Amazon Trained E-Commerce Specialist Programs (ATES)
Course faculty:
  • Shivam Ahuja- Head of Training & Placements
  • Aman- Sr. Community Manager¬†
  • Kuldeep Kumar- Digital marketing trainer with 7+ years of experience.¬†¬†
Course duration & fees:
  • The duration of the course is a 14-month-long specialized program.
  • The fee for the course is ‚āĻ2,75,000.
Placement assistance:
  • They provide assured placement through their in-house Jobcircle placement portal.¬†
  • They also provide project opportunities with, IIMs, etc
Contact Details:

Phone No.- +91 9899140180
Email ‚Äď
Website ‚Äď¬†

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Q. Is MBA useful for digital marketing?

Ans: Mba is useful in any specification when one wants to get a greater understanding of that specific topic. Since there is a higher demand now for digital marketing executives so getting oneself certified through Mba in digital marketing, can get better job opportunities. 

Q. How much does MBA in digital marketing in Rajouri ‚Äď Garden cost?

Ans: IIDE‚Äôs highly recommended 11-month digital marketing program has a price of ‚āĻ4,67,797 pre-tax. It provides all the key tools and skills required in today‚Äôs times to be successful in the digital marketing industry. Most of the other courses too cost around this price itself.¬†

Q. Which institute is the best for digital marketing in Rajouri ‚Äď garden?

Ans: According to website reviews and testimonials from past students, IIDE has been rated the best institute for digital marketing in Rajouri ‚Äď Garden. Their 11-month course has been rated the best digital marketing course. In fact, IIDE has been rated as the best institution for digital marketing courses in the country.¬†

Q. What does MBA in digital marketing include? 

Ans: Mba in digital marketing includes teachings that range from the basics to techniques and tools like SEO(search engine optimization), SMM (social media marketing), Lead generation, etc. IIDE’s 11-month MBA program helps its students to inculcate all the industry-relevant techniques and tools. Students also get practical knowledge as they get internship opportunities from the institute after their training has been completed. 


We can conclude that getting a certification or completing a Mba in digital marketing in Rajouri ‚Äď Garden is relevant all around the world as this provides in-depth learning into the various aspects of digital marketing. Thus, a greater understanding of the landscape of digital marketing helps to land job opportunities and packages that one desires with the company or brand that one dreams of.

Sincerely hope this blog will help you choose the best Mba in digital marketing in Rajouri-Garden. If you have any further queries or doubts, you can contact our counselor at or call on +91 9619958615 for a one-on-one counselling session where the counsellor will clarify all your queries regarding digital marketing.

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