Is Your College Degree Lying To You?

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The True Value Of Your College Degree

Dr. Sashi Tharoor is an Indian Politician and a former diplomat. He is currently serving as the Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha. He is also an acclaimed writer having published 15 best-selling – fiction & non-fiction. All of which are centered on India and it’s history, culture, film, politics, education, society, foreign policy and more.

In 2013, Dr.Tharoor shared his understanding at a TEDxGATEWAY about the Indian Education System, from where we started to where we stand today & the vision for this country’s education. If we don’t follow the right path, where we might lead. You can have a look at the video below.


The points touched upon in the talk are discussed below briefly with their impact on India & your future.

As Dr. Sashi Tharoor discusses, we come to realize one thing clearly, which is, that India has one of the largest & the youngest population in the world. The result of this fact being a positive or negative for our country relies very heavily on the initiatives taken by the government & the people to realize the importance of their education.

Where a country at one point had 16% illiteracy, we have grown from that to reach a literacy rate of 76%, but are we there yet?

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Clearly Not!

Since expansion has been a major part of India’s growth in education, while doing so, equity in who got to study & the level of education got left behind.

We surely do have some educational institutes which are giving global standard or better level of academics, with great faculty. Though this is clearly not the case for the entire country as a whole on average but only a small sector of it.

For our country to rise to the potential that we have, our systems faults must be accepted for where we’re lacking & pro-actively improved upon. The aspects which we are currently lacking are:

1. Quality of Education (Excellence)

Sure we have some of the best institutes of the world in India. Though the quality that IIM & IIT’s accounts for stands less than 3% of the education available in India.

The level of education is simply not at par everywhere, in fact, is much lower for the rest of the country. Topics, curriculum, style of teaching, teacher training need to be upgraded & new/ updated methodologies of teaching and training need to be included in our education system from the bottom to the top.

Consequently, these include reducing theory, increasing practicality & relevancy of subjects for students.

2. Equity

While expanding majorly, we left behind a large chunk of people due to reasons that don’t matter today. These people who were left behind need to be brought to be given equal opportunities. We can break them down today education level rather than casts, society etc. These people now include:

  • A. Children of the school going age who are not in school need to be enrolled in the right classes according to their knowledge & not their age
  • B. Adults who are not graduates need to be provided a basic level of education to read and write at least.

3. Vocational Training

Now not everyone needs the higher level of academics & wants/needs to be a scholar. Skills are of major importance that helps us provide more value in society & needs to be focused upon even more today.

Unlike earlier times were when sons of a profession would follow the same profession (kings children become kings, actors children become actors). Today the world is at your doorstep & vocational training will provide you the education you need in short amounts of time with practical knowledge. This will help majorly in boosting our economy’s employment rate & boost entrepreneurship as well.

4. Employability

64% of CEO’s & employers just aren’t happy with the level of education that graduates come with them. That’s one reason why companies setup education centers to give yearlong training to first unlearn what was taught in colleges. What a waste of time.

Once our education system is strenghtened at the core level. Employment wont be a worry because of how much opportunity there will be available & the jobs that will be created will be much larger than ever before. This is because of new businesses being created due to better education & increased skill training.


Considering the efforts being pursued already, we need to focus majorly on the above points. This will be the deciding factor between India being at the threat of National Security OR India bringing significant growth for the worlds economy.

Anyone reading this article can probably not see, hear or feel the problem of the country at scale. This is because we are the ones seeking greater knowledge, pursuing our dreams, growing our skill-set digitally pro-actively.

This being one of the reasons for our (IIDE) existence as a company is to change the way education is perceived. We focus on making education a skill based, fun, interactive & an experiential learning that’ll not only provide you with Digital skills (that are widely in demand) but teach you the new way of education. Which will last a lifetime.

Most people require that basic/ obsolete amount of education. But are you a part of that student audience which requires such minimal knowledge? In a world where there’s cut throat competition, are you equipping yourself with the best skills?

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