In 2024, digital marketers are working behind the scenes to improve internet and social media experiences. As the number of internet users reaches almost a billion in India, demand for digital marketing experts is expected to rise. If you want to start a high-paying career in digital marketing, check out our list of the 10 online digital marketing courses in 2024 with all the course details.

Before moving further with the list, let’s understand how to choose the best digital marketing course for yourself first.

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Course According to your Needs?

The future digital marketing trends predict that it will rapidly become of the highest-paid skills in the world. With so many digital marketing institutes offering top-notch training, it is difficult for students and marketing aspirants to choose the right course. We’ve put down the list of right questions and criteria you should look at before choosing the online digital marketing course for you.

Firstly, ask yourself these questions –

  • Why am I learning digital marketing?
  • Am I learning digital marketing to upskill or to make a career in this field?
  • Do I want to learn a complete digital marketing course or specialize in a single module?

Once you are clear about your needs and what you expect to learn from a course, you can read about online digital marketing courses from the list given below. 

FYI, if you don’t know what digital marketing is at all, I recommend you to watch a 45-minute free masterclass on digital marketing basics to get well-versed with the concepts.

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List of 10 Best Online Digital Marketing Courses in 2024

Here is the list of online digital marketing courses to look into for 2024.

1. IIDE – The Digital School

Online digital marketing courses - IIDE Logo

Recognized as India’s premier institute for digital marketing, IIDE excels when it comes to industry-relevant training. The comprehensive curriculum also includes technical digital marketing education that aligns with corporate expectations.

IIDE offers a comprehensive Online Digital Marketing Courses with industry-recognized certification and placement assistance. Students will learn from high-quality self-paced video courses curated and led by top industry professionals & experts.

  • Mode of Study: IIDE’s digital marketing courses are Online with an option of Campus Immersion.
  • Ideal For: The ODMC (Online Digital Marketing Courses) course is structured into two segments: ACDM (Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing), tailored for students and recent graduates, and PCDMS (Professional Certification in Digital Marketing and Strategy), designed to cater to the needs of working professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Duration: The duration of the online digital marketing course ranges from  4-6 months which comes down to approximately 12 hours per week, depending on what you choose.
  • Fees: The fee for the course is INR 1,15,000 – 1,60,00 with a 0% EMI option available.

Why do this course?

IIDE, a highly esteemed institution, offers an acclaimed online program in digital marketing education. Their online digital marketing course features an updated curriculum inclusive of AI tools and Harvard Business Review Case Studies and Simulations, making it an excellent starting point for individuals entering the digital marketing field. 

Moreover, IIDE provides assured placement support, offering candidates a series of placement workshops to enhance interview skills via AI-based Mock Interviews, along with complimentary resume correction services. 

With over 250 esteemed hiring partners, including Kinnect, Schbang, Publicis Groupe, Madison World, Nykaa, Times of India, and more, IIDE facilitates a seamless and easier placement process for its students.

2. Coursera

Online Digital Marketing Courses - Coursera Logo

Coursera is one of the leading digital learning platforms offering online digital marketing course that has been curated by Google. Apart from Google certificate courses, they also provide courses in collaboration with the University of Illinois. These courses will help you train according to corporate standards in digital marketing as well as eCommerce. 

In order to get the Professional Certificate, you have to complete 7 short courses including fundamentals, lead generation, email marketing, marketing analytics, and customer loyalty amongst the rest. 

If you don’t wish to enrol for all 7 courses, you can view a single course and earn a shareable certificate. 

  • Mode Of Study: This course is taught completely online via video-recorded lectures.
  • Ideal For:  Beginners who don’t have any background in digital marketing.
  • Duration: You can easily complete this course within 6 months.
  • Fees: You can enrol for free on this digital marketing course.

Why do this course?

Perfect for beginners, this course is linked to degree programs at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. If you get admitted and enrol, the work you do here counts towards your degree, and you can carry your progress with you. Plus, you’ll earn a certificate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign while grasping the essential concepts of digital marketing through this course.

3. Udemy

Online Digital Marketing Courses - Udemy Logo

Udemy is a widely popular online learning platform that offers a vast array of courses across diverse subjects. With a user-friendly interface, Udemy provides learners with the flexibility to explore and enrol in courses based on their interests and needs. Courses on Udemy are created by instructors from around the world, providing a diverse range of perspectives and expertise. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills in online digital marketing courses or explore other fields, Udemy offers a wide selection to choose from.

Through Udemy’s Mega Digital Marketing Course (A-Z Course), you will learn how to find your target market and successfully persuade them to become your customers and purchase your goods.

  • Mode of Study: This is a fully online course 
  • Ideal for: Beginners, Entrepreneurs and professionals who want to upskill in this field.
  • Duration: The duration of this Mega Digital Marketing Course is 75 hours and 45 mins
  • Fees:  The fee for this course is INR 3,199 but sometimes Udemy has some offer going on during which you can bag the course for INR 499.

Why do this course?

Udemy courses are cost-effective with frequent discounts. They offer self-paced learning for convenience, making it ideal for busy schedules. Additionally, once you purchase a course, you usually have lifetime access to the content.

4. Hubspot

Online Digital Marketing Courses - hubspot logo

HubSpot is a renowned inbound marketing, sales, and customer service platform that provides a comprehensive suite of tools for businesses. 

They also have an online learning platform known as Hubspot Academy, that offers a variety of free courses to help individuals and businesses enhance their digital marketing, sales, and customer service skills.

The free online digital marketing courses is a comprehensive resource designed to empower learners with essential skills in the dynamic field of digital marketing

  • Mode Of Study: This course can be done online. 
  • Ideal For: Students wanting an introduction to digital marketing along with Marketing Managers and Content Marketers aiming to upskill and broaden their expertise.
  • Duration: The course consists of 9 lessons spanning over 5: 25 hours.
  • Fees: This is a free certification course. 

Why do this course?

HubSpot Academy’s free online digital marketing courses covers inbound marketing, content marketing, social media strategy, SEO, email marketing, and more. The self-paced structure accommodates diverse schedules and learning preferences. Upon completion, participants receive a recognized certification, enhancing career advancement opportunities.

5. UpGrad

Online Digital Marketing Course - Upgrad Logo

Online higher education company UpGrad offers degrees and certificates in digital marketing and other fields such as IT, accounting, and management from top universities all over the world. Their Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication in association with MICA is one of the most critically acclaimed ones. 

The syllabus is comprehensive with a combination of basics and 4 specializations such as branding and communications, marketing analytics, social media & content marketing, marketing communications- PR and Generative AI, making it a robust online digital marketing courses.

  • Mode of Study: The entire program is conducted online along with live sessions and recorded lectures.
  • Ideal for: Marketing students who want to enter the digital marketing industry.
  • Duration: Depending upon your choice of specialization, you can complete this course in 26-51 weeks.
  • Fees: The fee for this course by Upgrad also depends upon the number of specializations you choose. The minimum fee with 1 specialization is INR 96,000.

Why do this course?

MICA, a renowned business school celebrated for its marketing expertise, contributes its curriculum design, esteemed faculty, and prestigious brand to this course. The online format supports asynchronous learning, granting flexibility to study at your own pace and from any location. 

Furthermore, UpGrad and MICA’s connections with various companies potentially open doors to job opportunities for course participants.

6. Google

Online Digital Marketing Courses - Google Logo

Google, the world’s leading search engine, offers a free online digital marketing courses known as Google’s Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. Developed by Google’s in-house trainers, this comprehensive program aims to provide learners with a foundational understanding of key digital marketing concepts. 

The course covers various topics, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media, content marketing, and analytics.

Presented in a user-friendly format, the program includes bite-sized videos and quizzes to assess your comprehension. The final quiz, or exam, consists of 40 questions, providing a thorough evaluation of your knowledge of digital marketing concepts.

  • Mode Of Study: Fully online
  • Ideal For: small business owners or those looking for a career change.
  • Duration: 26 modules spanning over 40 hours
  • Fees: Absolutely Free

Why do this course?

The free Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course by Google is accessible to beginners, offering flexibility in pacing to accommodate various schedules and learning preferences. As a Google initiative, it has a global reach, attracting learners worldwide interested in gaining insights into digital marketing practices endorsed by a leading tech company.

7. Simplilearn

Online Digital Marketing Courses - Simplilearn Logo

Simplilearn is one of the renowned institutes providing online digital marketing courses. They aim to bridge the skill gap that exists in the digital marketing industry by offering hands-on training programs and certifications. 

The Post Graduate Program In Digital Marketing provided by Simplilearn in collaboration with Purdue University is an online PG course that covers various digital marketing subjects such as SEO, Content Marketing, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, and PPC.

  • Mode of Study: Simplilearn’s Post Graduate Program In Digital Marketing is conducted online consisting of case studies and a Final Project.
  • Ideal for: Graduates who have a foundation in marketing.
  • Duration: The duration of the digital marketing course is 8 months.
  • Fees: The fee for the online digital marketing course is INR 1,01,999 + Incld. Taxes and you can pay the fees in instalments with no cost EMI.

Why do this course?

Co-created with Purdue University and Meta, this program is highly regarded in the industry. Completion awards a certificate from Purdue University and potentially 6 transferable credits for their online Master’s in Communication program. 

Taught by industry experts and Purdue University faculty, the program guarantees high-quality instruction. Simplilearn’s global presence and extensive alumni network offer valuable connections with digital marketing professionals worldwide.

8. Great Learning

Online Digital Marketing Courses - great learning logo

Great Learning in association with Great Lakes Executive Learning offers this postgraduate program in Strategic Digital Marketing. Considered one of the most upskilling and best online digital marketing courses, their USP lies in personalized mentoring and guidance.

The curriculum includes varied modules starting from fundamentals, digital footprint, and performance marketing to campaign management. The eligibility criteria to apply for this course is a minimum bachelor’s degree which means that undergraduates cannot enrol for this course.

  • Mode of Study– The entire course is taught online through live sessions as well.
  • Ideal for: Graduates who want to upskill in a short time with a post-graduate program.
  • Duration– It is a 6-month course including career assistance.
  • Fees– The fees for this course in INR 125,000+ GST and installment options are available. 

Why do this course?

Students will earn a certification from Great Lakes Executive Learning, recognized among India’s Top 10 business schools. The program offers a flexible learning structure, allowing candidates to study at their own pace and attend classes at their convenience. Through their collaboration with Meta Blueprint, eligible candidates can take the exam at no additional cost.

9. Reliablesoft

Online Digital Marketing Courses - Reliable Soft Logo

ReliableSoft Technologies is a Global Enterprise Solutions Company having an understanding of presenting Billing & CRM answers to Digital Pay-TV Operators throughout India and has undertaken numerous main tasks globally.

With the help of Reliable Soft’s digital marketing training, you will learn the ins and outs of the industry and be given step-by-step instructions on how to boost your traffic and sales in as little as 60 days. Their syllabus focuses on teaching students all about Facebook Ads, Keyword Research, SEO, Google Analytics, and many other digital marketing techniques.

  • Mode of Study: This course will be conducted online.
  • Ideal for: Freshers who want to learn the A-Z of digital marketing.
  • Duration: The duration of the course is 60 days.
  • Fees: This digital marketing course bundle will cost INR 50075.70 but they have some special offers running because of which you could get the course at INR 16608.44.

Why do this course?

The courses are regularly updated to incorporate the latest digital marketing practices. You can select your preferred learning style, be it through videos or text, and proceed with the lessons at your convenience. All concepts and techniques covered in the courses are applicable to various websites and platforms. Additionally, you have the flexibility to download course materials offline in PDF format, allowing you to read them on the go.

10. Intellipaat

Online Digital Marketing Courses - Intellipaat logo

Intellipaat is a prominent online learning platform that offers a diverse range of courses in technology and business domains. Known for its industry-relevant content, Intellipaat provides comprehensive training programs on topics such as data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and digital marketing.

Their Online Digital Marketing Course is provided in partnership with IIT Madras Faculty and IS taught by the faculties of IIT Madras, IIM, and industry experts. 

  • Mode Of Study– Online 
  • Ideal For:  Professionals as well as freshers
  • Duration– The course will last for 6 months
  • Fees: This is a paid course and the fee is INR 75,012 

Why do this course?

Intellipaat’s Digital Marketing course offers learning from industry experts, IIT Madras and IIM faculty. With personalized career coaching, job placements, and the potential to earn Google and HubSpot certifications, the course further validates the expertise acquired during the course. With a flexible schedule, learners can tailor their study routine to individual preferences. The lifetime free upgrade ensures continuous access to future enhancements.

Career Opportunities After Online Digital Marketing Courses

According to a digital marketing report, the Indian digital marketing industry is expected to reach INR 24 billion by the end of 2028 which means it is expected to grow 6 times than it was in 2022. 

This clearly shows that the industry is going to grow massively and also projects a year-on-year growth in digital marketing jobs. 

Hence, if you have read the list of the best online digital marketing institutes and are still hesitant about whether it is a good career for you, I suggest that you read about the various career opportunities/ career roles along with their average salaries in 2024. 

Also, we have added a little bit about the scope of that particular job role so that you can visualize your future.


Digital Marketing Careers Average Salary (INR) Future Trends
Digital Marketing Manager 7.2 lakhs Will become one of the highest paying jobs with teams growing under them.
Search Engine Optimizer 4 lakhs Continuous learning with Google updating its algorithm & engines such as Bing & Yandex growing.
Social Media Marketer 4.82 lakhs Will shift to creating more user-generated and interactive content across multiple social media platforms
Content Marketer 5.46 lakhs Content that tells more in fewer words & works in harmony with AI-generated content will dominate the future
Email Marketer 4.3 lakhs Being the cheapest way to reach customers, email marketing will become more automated
SEO Specialists for Voice Assistants 4 lakhs Voice search will become a more popular way to search hence will be a close competition for typical SEO
Video Producers 6 lakhs Visuals will gain more traction than text making video production one of the highest-paying jobs in the future
Automation Expert 4.8 lakhs From emails to Google Workspace, automation is going to replace a lot of manual resources that are being used today
Paid Media Specialist 4.5 lakhs Paid media will become competitive as advertising becomes easier hence a very tricky and logical profession
Web Developer 3 lakhs A profession that will never go out of style or demand as long as Internet survives
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To Conclude, 

With this extensive list of the best online digital marketing courses with placements, I am sure that making the choice will be easier for you. 

If you wish to learn specific digital marketing skills and create a niche in it, do check out IIDE’s short-term certification courses in digital marketing!

If you have any doubts, you can reach out to us at to avail a free counseling session.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best online digital marketing course?

Ans: As we have already mentioned in the listicle above IIDE’s Online Digital Marketing Courses is the best course for those interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing. In addition, to live online lectures, IIDE offers 1-on-1 mentoring sessions to help students gain a deeper understanding of digital marketing.

Q. Is Digital Marketing a good career?

Ans: Yes, Digital Marketing is a good career. Digital Marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in today’s world. Digital marketing’s rise in demand has led to a rise in job opportunities as well. The digital industry offers high-paying jobs for those who specialize in certain digital skills.

Q. What will be the salary of a Digital Marketer?

Ans: The average salary of a digital marketer is around INR 3-5 lac per year in India. But the salary mainly depends upon factors such as the company you are working for, the expertise in the field, and experience in the industry.

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for a digital marketing course?

Ans: The eligibility depends on the institute and course you select. The general eligibility criteria for an online digital marketing course is that candidates must be 16 or older. However, a 12th Grade Pass (10+2) with a minimum of 50% marks will be preferred.

Q. Is the digital marketing course difficult?

Ans: The online digital marketing course is not that difficult. With the help of industry experts, live lectures, 1-1 mentoring, and doubt-clearing sessions, IIDE makes it easier for students to understand every aspect of digital marketing while also helping them master digital skills.

Q. Why pursuing an online Digital Marketing course in India is better than pursuing an offline course?

Ans: Online digital marketing courses offer many benefits over offline courses, including the flexibility to learn at your own pace and from any location. They are often more cost-effective & provide access to a wide range of specialised courses. Online courses are available all day, every day, and can be adjusted to suit how you like to learn. This makes them a convenient and effective way to learn digital marketing in India.

Q. Why enroll in online digital marketing courses?

Ans: If you’re a working professional who wants to upskill or switch your career without stopping your income or someone who is setting up their business, doing a digital marketing course online is a smart decision. Also, if you’re located in a city where the learning opportunities are not well developed, then an online course will allow you to connect with the brightest industry leaders and learn from top institutions across the globe. But if you’re an undergraduate or a graduate, you should ideally consider learning it offline and opt for online courses only if you have genuine reasons restricting you.