5 Ways Digital Media Has Changed the Way We Celebrate Diwali

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“In our times, things used to be done differently”

– Every grandparent ever

Up until a few years ago, festivals such as Diwali used to be celebrated quite differently – but let your parents and grandparents tell you all about that. We’re going to show you all the ways that Digital Media has changed the way we celebrate Diwali:

1. Broadcasting:

Back in the day, Diwali greetings used to be sent out to near and dear ones using letters and postcards – and not in the fun GOT way, either. Today, we use platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook to broadcast our message to everyone at once! The most ‘thoughtful’ way to wish someone now is by sending e-cards via email. Using fun and interactive messages add a whole other creative dimension to Diwali greetings.

2. Going LIVE and stories

Praying, eating, dancing, bursting crackers, no matter what we’re doing, it must be documented! From going live during the pooja path to putting up a story while dancing between the firecracker’s flames, we must look like we’re having fun… even if we’re mostly on our phones trying to think of a great hashtag.

3. Celebrating together no matter what

Your bhaiya or didi may be studying their Masters somewhere, or maybe your dad is out of town, but Diwali means extra special Skype sessions with them – as they join in on the prayers, festivities and fun like they’re right there at home with you.

4. Saying NO to crackers

Thanks to the regular outbreaks on social media over the years on the negative effects of crackers on the environment and animals, a lot of people have voluntarily given up on crackers altogether, which is awesome.

5. Visiting a different type of store

Once upon a time, people used to spend weeks exploring various stores trying to find the right gifts for everyone, now, people just go online, spend a few hours and ship the perfect gifts to the right doorsteps. Plus, they get huge Diwali discounts online! Talk about smart shopping!

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Which of the older ways do you wish made a comeback? And, can you think of a few other ways that Digital has changed the way we celebrate Diwali? Let us know your answers in the comments below!

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