5 Tips for a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

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5 Tips To A Digital Marketing Strategy That Work: The Complete Guide

Often, the digital marketing strategy we conceptualize in our minds does not work well in the minds of our target audience. Then we start the entire process again and hope not to fail. What we should do is get our digital marketing strategy right in the first attempt.

To help you achieve that, here are 5 Digital Marketing Strategy Tips:

Digital Marketing Strategy Tips


1. Start with Quality Web and Mobile Sites:

It is essential to have both quality web and mobile sites in today’s competitive world. It’s not enough to have a nice website anymore when 51% of internet browsing is done on mobile devices. Mobile web design should be simple and responsive, with larger links to account for the fact that customers are using their fingers to click.

Digital Marketing Strategy Tips

2. Optimize Your Site For Local Search Or Local SEO:

Make it easy for customers to find your business by clearly listing your business address. Include directions from major highways as well as a link to your location on Google Maps to ensure your customers know where you’re located.
Digital Marketing Strategy Tips


3. Maintain a Social Media Presence:

Most small business owners understand the importance of social media, but in busy times it is very easily neglected. One of the keys to maintaining your social media presence is being realistic about the time you have for social media. Customers will not find an out of date social media page helpful. If you only have time to maintain one account, choose a platform that makes sense for your business and commit to a regular posting schedule. It’s important to post regular, focused, and engaging content for your customers so they begin to consider your business an active and helpful source of information.

Digital Marketing Strategy Tips

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4. Manage Your Online Reputation:

In order to present a positive image to customers you must continually work to ensure that your online reputation is favourable. In addition to maintaining your social media accounts, you will also need to claim and monitor your business listing on review sites such as Google Maps and Yelp. This a crucial part of your Online Reputation Management. Customer reviews are today’s referrals. If you notice that a customer left a negative review, respond on the site in a timely and polite manner with the goal of resolving the customer’s complaint. This will show the existing customer, as well as other potential customers, that you care about your customers and work to correct any issue that may arise. When potential customers see that you have a high rating, positive reviews, and respond professionally to any problems they are likely to feel more comfortable choosing your business for their needs.
Digital Marketing Strategy Tips


5. Targeted Advertising:

Once you have web and mobile sites and social media accounts set up, you can drive traffic to your site through targeted web advertising. Google AdWords and several social media platforms offer simple pay per click advertising tools for businesses. Using these tools, you can target your preferred demographic and stretch your marketing budget further.


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