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Designers are required everywhere. Be it an app that you are interacting with, a website that you are browsing, the videos you are watching or the social media posts that you are viewing, all of them have been designed by digital designers. Since every business today needs all these things, the demand for Graphic Designers, UI-UX Designers, and Motion Designers is very high.

That is why the best time to be a designer is now.

However, there is no point in being a mediocre designer, right? If you want to separate yourself from amateur designers, you need to approach learning designing, the right way. If you want to to be a pro designer and work with top brands and high-paying clients, you need to follow some rules.
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Learn the important rules that turn you from beginner to pro.


  • Discover how long it takes to master digital designing
  • Learn how you can make brands line up to give you work
  • Learn what skills you need to succeed as a Digital Designer
  • Find out how you can practice Digital Designing while learning it
  • Know the future of the Digital Designing industry
  • Discover platforms that help you start earning immediately as a Designer

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15th Feb, 2020


11AM - 1PM


IIDE Andheri(HQ)

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