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Digital transformation is all around us, and the demand for coders and developers has skyrocketed. The tech industry today is the highest paying industries in the world. A strong foundation of web and app technologies is becoming a norm for every job in the tech industry. To find a footing in this industry, it can be extremely confusing to know where to start. This seminar is specially designed to inform you about all the right technologies and skills you should know to become employable as a coder/developer in today’s digital economy.

Having the right learning plan for coding can make a huge difference!

The time it takes for you to acquire sufficient coding skills depends on your learning plan along with your motivation and dedication.


  • Learn about the coding jobs that have the highest demand in the industry today
  • Discover how long it takes to become a full stack developer.
  • Get hands on coding experience by writing your first code
  • Learn how you can make recruiters line up to hire you
  • Get insights about the future trends in the tech industry
  • Know where you can fit and grown in a tech startup or a tech giant
  • Find out how you can fast-track your learning through practical projects

Seminar Details


29th Feb, 2020


4PM - 6PM


IIDE Andheri(HQ)

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